Chilean oats

Austral Granos is dedicated to the export of oats to the world

Since our origins in 2007, at Empresas Austral Granos, we seek to provide our customers with the best oats in Chile and in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and other countries. We provide our consumers with products of excellence to meet their demanding requirements. Our emphasis is on innovation, commitment to agricultural management and quality of our products, for which we have a human team of excellence and cutting edge technology.

Our sale of oats includes:

  • Oat peel stabilized (groat) .- It is the grain of oats that underwent a heat treatment that disables its enzymes, preserving its color and natural aroma.
  • Oats flakes Chile
    • – It is the result of the lamination of the peeled, clean, stabilized, cut, classified, moisturized and physically conditioned grain.
    • – It is the product of the rolling of the grain. Its thickness is between 0.62 – 0.70 mm.
    • Whole grain.- Its thickness is between 0.78 – 0.82 mm.
    • Oat groats.-
    • – It is obtained by the fine grinding of oat flakes or peeled and stabilized grains.
    • Kosher oats from Chile.- The Jewish people only consume “special” or suitable food for them, also called “kosher”. All these products are processed and supervised by a Rabbinical Coordinator.
    • Gluten-free oat flakes. – Our products have a maximum of 3 particles per million (ppm).

Due to our effort and dedication we have several certifications, among them are: ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP.

The first ensures the continuous improvement of the processes and their quality management systems. The second certifies food safety management in the production chain. And the last one is a certification in hazard analysis system and critical control points.


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Location: Kosher Oats  at Ercilla 195, Pillanlelbún, Lautaro, Chile
Phone: +56452535433

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